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Movement for Creativity

Movement for Leadership

Movement for Health and Cultural Innovation


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Supporting education and innovation.


Corporate Training 

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, the ability to change, and to lead change, may be your only real source of competitive advantage. Change is the only thing that's certain. Learn to use change as a solution through Creative Leadership!

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Employee Appreciation

A multi-generational creative arts experience in the form of a workplace wellness program. Find out more here! 

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CreativeKid Arts Program (Onsite)

Are you an organization that would love to provide an arts camp or onsite dance classes for the youth in your community? Find out more here!

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Book a phone session

Do you have so many ideas and dreams that you can't focus and get anything done? We can help identify your big goals and craft a customized plan to hurdle past obstacles and get you from dream to "DONE!"

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Our Vision

Creativity is not taught in higher education so how do we stay innovative?


Joshua Okpara
Creative Entrepreneur, Mentor

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YissurCreative is a creative initiative thats helps to achieve a more visceral experience in the workplace and in daily life. This is a new innovative way to use dance to spark health and cultural innovation.


Social Media & Podcast Advocate of Embodiment application in organizations - benefits to leadership, communication and innovation.


Are you ready for a dance challenge? 

Take a YCreative dance tutorial 

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