Who is Joshua Okpara?



Joshua Okpara, Facilitator

Joshua Okpara is a versatile and innovative teacher, dancer, and choreographer. Since 2009, he has brought arts education in the form of dance and creative movement to a wide range of populations in Oklahoma through, master classes, workshops, arts camps, staff development sessions, seminars, and guest choreographer positions. Believing that individuals learn best through the application of the arts in various formats, Joshua finds great joy in working collaboratively with artists of other mediums to bring multi-faceted arts curriculum to participants of all ages and abilities. In addition to his work as a teaching artist, he currently teaches dance as an faculty member of Oklahoma Contemporary, Studio 5-6-7-8 and Race the Space. In addition, Joshua is a director and member of Band of Misfits and has competed in international dance competitions such as World of Dance. He is a recipient of many studio dance competition awards and his performance and choreography has been a part of numerous concerts, festivals, theatre productions and events throughout Oklahoma, Texas, California and overseas. As a creative director for many performance arts organizations, Joshua enjoys expressing his love of dance by performing challenging choreography in many creative projects. Eventually Joshua was given the opportunity to tour overseas in Germany, France and Amsterdam with a non profit organization called HYPE (Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence). Afterwards, Josh teamed up with Project Elevate; another Oklahoma based non-profit organization that uses creative arts such as spoken word, skits, MCing, hip hop dance and freestyle, and motivational speaking that focuses on anti-bullying and suicide prevention throughout the school districts. Josh continues to stay heavily involved in the non-profit sector as a Director of Dance of Generation Why (GNWY), a non profit organization that uses the arts to inspire kids to find their “Why” and passion so that they are able to move forward in your life.

When he’s not working with youth, he loves to be apart of historic events that happen in Oklahoma. Joshua was apart of the first of its kind FutureFashion Show at Oklahoma Contemporary, a full theatrical production featuring original designed piece that gave an innovative perspective on ways technology and fashion might evolve as the future does. Josh has performed in other theatrical productions such as “Fiddler on the Roof” with El Reno Community Theatre Company and short films such as “SWIRL” directed by Lance McDaniel. 


Joshua's unique mix of experiences, entrepreneurship and following his mantra "If you take care of your passion, your passion will take care of you" has led him to explore leadership development and start his own company YCreative, a company whose aim is to fulfill the creative needs in the workplace by teaching the art of leadership, battle employee burnout, while developing your own unique leadership style through corporate training, youth programs, and wellness programs. Joshua believes creativity can become the social norm among people and aspires to equip people with tools and practices to solve their problems by developing their own “brand” style of leadership. To do this, he believes people can best learn to be creative from arts based methods that stem from the realm of dance and choreography. He continues to dive into his work and reflect on his own story with the purpose of examining how the creative process of artists can be utilized to spark health and cultural innovation across organizations worldwide. 

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