Human Design: Unlocking your DNA

Hey guys, today I have a special topic I want to discuss....the Self. How do we unlock our dna (divine natural attributes) so that we can move more in our purpose? If we were more aware of our strengths and weaknesses, how could this benefit us as we grow? How would our relationships with friends and family improve? How much more creative could we become? How many more skills could we develop? How much more action would we take?...

I've been using this book called Human Design and it has interesting viewpoints. It stems from the premise that most people who are looking for help and support are usually on a quest, because they are hurting in some area of their lives - career, relationships, health, creative fulfillment, or feeling spiritually connected with life. This is one of many books out there whose aim is to help you discover your true self so you can live more joyfully and intentionally. 

This book goes into great detail but my objective is to share with you some information that you can take with you and apply in your life now! Now first I'd like to say, WE ARE ALL POWERFUL CREATORS, but we are not all created the same! In order to create in a powerful way, you have to know how you operate! Hence, the 4 energy types that could change how you've approached life if you've been feeling stuck. Each energy type has a different way of creating and making decisions. Find out whether these energy types show up in your life. The four types & their decision making strategies are:

1.     The Manifestor (8% of the population)

Manifestors have the energy to start things, unlike many of us, who have to wait for an opportunity or invitation. When a manifestor gets a idea, they just go do it. They make up about 8% of the population and are the only type who can truly just do things without waiting, their energy makes people uneasy. When they step in the room, you feel their energy with a powerful presence and voice to match. Because Manifestors can initate action, they don't necessarily need others to make things it the "manifesting groove" and it simply creates in accordance with their powerful creative energy. Manifestors may also seem bad at communication, for they are so head strong and able to take action without the need of others, it causes people to feel left out. 

Strategy: To inform. A manifestors strategy is to inform others of their actions. This will help relieve resistance from others by simply informing them so they know what to expect. Manifestors may feel like they're being controlled or manipulated by their surroundings. They don't like to be told what to do. But manifestors who understand the importance of informing others realizes it helps improve relationships and remove resistance, ultimately creating support for their powerful and creative energy.

2.    The Generator (70% of the population)

Generators have the ability to tap into an insurmountable amount of energy and are the only types designed to work. Generators need to do the right work and be surrounded by the right life opportunities in order to feel happy. When they're doing the right work, they're able to tap into this sustainable energy to see any project through from start to finish. If they're not doing the right work, frustration arises as a way to push the Generator to make the necessary changes in order to attract new things to respond to. A weakness of Generators is not always finishing what they start.

Strategy: Wait to respond and know thyself. Unlike manifestors, who initiate and take action, it's best for generators to set an intention and wait for evidence in their outer reality to show up in order to know to take action and that the direction is correct. Typical Generators are raised to "just do it" or "make it happen", but 70% of the worlds population are generators and it only leads to frustration because it doesn't work. Many feel trapped in jobs and lives that don't feel good, and by initiation, it only leaves a generator burned out and frustrated. Remember, generators have sustainable energy, which can work against them if they're not responding to the work they love. It can feel unnatural for a generator to wait, but the geometry of a generator allows for things to show up quickly, when they stop and wait. KNOW THYSELF! Generators are they only type that can find clarity simply by responding to yes or no questions. If you're wresting with a situation, break down your problem into yes or no questions and it will help you access your self-awareness in a joyful way. 

3.   The Projector (20% of the population)

Projectors gift is the ability to manage, guide and direct others. Projectors recognize the talents of manifestors and generators and guide them in the most efficient use of their energy. Projectors have a real knack for noticing the talents in others. Projectors don't have the manifesting lie force and abilities of sustainable energy that generators have. Projectors are your organizers and net-workers of the world. They have the knack for bringing the right people together to get the job done. They are the natural middle-man and ultimately, it is up to them to maintain harmony in the world.

Strategy: Wait for the invite. Projectors usually make the mistake of "inviting" when their natural strategy is waiting for the right invitation in areas such as: the invitation to love, invitation to career, invitation to bond with others, and invitation for a place to live. Projectors must relax and trust in their silent chemistry of waiting. When they do all the talking, they will naturally bring out the invitation from the other. Anyone who is not naturally drawn to them will be unhealthy for them. All a projector has to do is sit back and wait to see who comes forward and who does not.

4.   The Reflector (1% of the population)

Reflectors bring ultimate justice to reality by reflecting everything around them and by judging what is going on. Their energy type is different than manifestors, projectors, and generators. The other types are 'solar' beings with energy that's rooted in the sun. Reflectors have 'lunar' energy rooted in the moon. They are interested in knowing who they are today because every day is different. If Reflectors understand their design and know themselves well, they are completely protected from identifying with anything at all. They have the ability to see things in a way that no one else can and magnify everything and everyone around them. The most important issue for a Reflector is the right environment and the right community. . Reflectors need to be in the heart of the community so that they can learn from those around them while not becoming dependent on them.

Strategy: Wait for lunar cycle. The Reflectors Strategy is unique from the other types in that it moves with the moon’s 28 day cycle. While a Reflector nearly waits a whole month to make sure their decision is valid, it is important they understand the need to talk about their decision with others. They can only know the truth of their decision when they see it reflected through others. All of the possibilities of conditioning, is what the Reflector is here to take in. You are not here to be emotional beings, otherwise you’ll lose your alertness and stop really being of value. You’re not here to be workers, you’re here to be critics, you’re here to be guides, you’re here to be judges, you’re here to be sensors. You’re here to be those that can truly sense what is going on around you.

To find out what your human design is, click the link below to get a free Human Design chart. if you need help understanding your chart, feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

Joshua Okpara