Using embodied knowledge to unlock innovation, creativity and intelligence in business

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Over the years there has been an increase of leadership and job training programs placing an emphasis on EQ(emotional intelligence) over IQ. In fact, it’s proven that EQ correlates more often to greater performance and income. This is why organizations have placed such an emphasis on EQ developing workshops and training programs. Both intelligences have cues for job performance and success, however there is a third intelligence that forward-thinking business leaders, conferences and academics have indulged their interests in and that we happen to find most influencing, Embodied knowledge. Embodied knowledge unlocks innovation, creativity, and is explored through movement exercises and embodied practices. Let's take a deeper look into the practicality of embodied knowledge!

Embodied knowledge helps companies and organizations through identifying areas of trouble and then using group work and

In one business endeavor, embodied knowledge was used to create a common language between participants of multiple nationalities. In a group with no common verbal language, a series of partner and group movement exercises were used first to observe what communications styles already exist and where areas of mistrust might lay. Just a few minutes into the workshop, tensions were eased and the room was filled with laughter and comfort, which was used to create opportunity for difficult conversation topics to be addressed. It allowed the company to see areas the leadership needed to create a culture shift.

There are a few specific methods used in Embodied knowledge. Embodied knowledge workshops first fundamental movement is in encouraging presence. Through movement, you stop thinking about tomorrow, yesterday, or worries and instead focus on your own body. Focus on feeling the land you are standing on, without an agenda or purpose, moving freely. This allows you to pay attention to your own awareness and leaves you feeling more comfortable and grounded.

Then, there are exercises that through physical movement, demonstrate truths of community in the workplace. These experiences, through Embodied Knowledge, actually breed innovation due to the focus on presence and letting go of previous agendas. Coworkers innovate best now, because they have shared an experience which has developed trust, communication, and creativity- all of which are needed for innovation.

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