Movement for Leadership

Workshops and Seminars


Our Creative Metaphor

Our creative metaphor is dance and choreography. A Choreographer's role is to orchestrate a performance that exceeds the abilities of anyone acting alone. Combining talent, coordination, discipline and creativity, we call it Creative Leadership! Each team member experiences their own challenges in the workplace.  One size doesn't fit all, so through custom team building activities, we are put in scenarios needed to break down barriers, stay focused, be creative and develop our "own Brand" leadership style. Using these methods in practice over time will help develop the art of leadership needed to adapt to new changes.

How it Works

Recognizing that a lot of leadership development programs fail to deliver results, and that people cannot easily spend time off the job, we’ve re-engineered  a completely new approach. Creative Leadership is based on a cycle of experimentation,  learning,  reflection and action, coupled with informed feedback and guidance. 


Module 1 - Creative Leadership
- tools and practices for sustainable creativity
- methods for coping with stress
- Developing your ‘Own-Brand’ Leadership Style

-examination of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
- keynote speaking on YCreative Method
- team building activities that utilize the four embodied leadership styles
- spontaneous creative dance movement
- how to adapt your own leadership style to the demands of your own situation and circumstance 

What You Will Gain
Expected outcomes include:
- much greater self-awareness and  understanding of your own leadership role
- greater self-confidence in learning to lead
- higher levels of engagement amongst your employees and team members
- a stronger focus on performance, achievement and accomplishment of goals
- a culture of innovation
- higher productivity