Masterclasses/Workshops - Race The Space - Hip Hop/Urban Choreography

Taught another Masterclass at Race the Space! Growing up, Usher was definitely and inspiration of mine. I really connected to the music when creating this piece and it translated through the dancers that allowed me into their realm. Great class.


Corporate Events - Kulturati Entertainment - YWCA Purple Sash Event 2017

Kulturati Entertainment had the opportunity to perform to Bruno Mars - 24K Magic at the 2017 YWCA Purple Sash Event. We would like to thanks Brink Model Management, Eventures Inc, CK and Company, and the many other sponsors involved in making this fundraiser a success.

Studio Competition - Studio 5678 Jr Hip Hop - Feel Good in the 90s

Had the pleasure of working with this group of girls as we take a journey back to the 90s with some of the most nostalgic music of the time. Watch these girls rock the stage with this high energy dance routine! Choreography by yours truly.

Masterclasses/Workshops - Race The Space - Hip Hop/Urban Choreography

Shout out to the "Wonder Women" who took the challenge head on and passed with flying colors! I was impressed with the amount of enthusiasm and focus these ladies practiced while learning an intense fast paced high energy class. Enjoy!

Masterclass/Workshops - Monday Night Sessions - Hip Hop/Urban Choreography

Monday Night Sessions was a training program my friends and I created in order to take advantage of all the talent we had among ourselves and train in different styles.These free classes were definitely a relief and escape for my friends and I, especially having them on a day people seem to dread most, Mondays. 

Film/Production - Vlog - Chukwu Vibez Show - Episode 2

In the second episode of the Chukwu Vibez show, we follow my journey to LA. Check out the video to find out experience I had during my travel. 

Film/Production - Artistic Improvisation Project - "Keep You In Mind" 

This is a perfect depiction of how I view my art and passion. From the extravagant setting painted in gold, to the classy piano, to the choice of style with the all black suit that brings it all together. I chose the song "Keep You In Mind" to always remind myself of the end goal and to appreciate what I've been given in life. In the end, it allows you to truly see the beauty in the bigger picture.

Entertainment - Making the Music Video - J French "X-Ray Vision"

Check out the video and you may see a familiar face! It's been great working with J French on his music video projects. More in store from this phenomenal national recording artist. Stay tuned!

Entertainment - Making the Music Video - Jordan Miller "Funky Music"

Had a lot of fun "gettin funky" with Jordan Miller in his new music video "Funky Music". I know there will be plenty more projects we collaborate on.

Entertainment - Making the Music Video - J French "Ultra Bass"

Shooting this music video was a great experience for me personally. As much on-camera work that was done on this project, I contributed an equal amount of work behind the camera working with the models and camera angles/lighting during many scenes. It was an honor being able to have some input on the finished product.

Film/Production - Vlog - Chukwu Vibez Show - Episode 1

In the first episode of Chukwu Vibez Show, you get a taste of some behind the scenes footage I was able to retrieve from working on J French's "Ultra Bass" music video. You will also discover the obsession I have for expressing myself in an original way by trying new things. Enjoy! 

Film/Production - Collaborative Projects - "Her"

This was a collaborative project that Jeremy and I worked on. We fell in love with this song one night while at the studio and decided to dive into creation. It's surprising what happens when two creatives collaborate on a project. This is how it turned out. 

2015 Dance Reel - Joshua Okpara

Check out some of my work over the years. There's more work in the making as we speak!

Film/Production - "My Life" ft Dominic Morris

Had the opportunity to work with a young up-and-coming actor named Dominic Morris. Dominic received his first break into the industry when he landed the leading role in FootLocker's "Ready to Fly" commercial featuring Russel Westbrook. We created a concept video reflecting his teenage life post commercial fame.