Joshua "Yissur" Okpara

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Color: BLACK

Eye Color: BROWN


Live/Stage Performances

Si'Yir Royale @ OKC Summer Jam Tour                                                        

2016 National FCCLA Conference (San Diego, CA), Project Elevate            

Si’Yir Royale @ 2016 Juneteenth Festival in Dallas, TX                                

SI’Yir Royale @ House of Blues in Dallas, TX                                                 

40th Anniversary Masonic Ball Acacia Lodge, Kulturati Entertainment  

SXSW2016 Si'Yir Royale @ Midtown Live Austin, TX                                      

2016 State FCCLA Conference, Project Elevate                                              

2015 STUCO Conference, Project Elevate                                                         

Oklahoma Hip Hop Festival 2015, Kulturati Entertainment                         

Flash Mob 2015 Juneteenth Festival OKC, Kulturati Entertainment                            

Norman Arts Council's One Beat Street Event                                                   

YWCA Purple Sash Ruth Meyers Fashion Show Finale                                 

YWCA Suit & Tie Ruth Meyers Fashion Show Finale                                     

2014 World of Dance Chicago, Band of Misfits     

H.Y.P.E Europe Tour (Germany, France, Amsterdam)


Good Morning America Magic Mike XXL Epic Dance Video Contest Finalist



SWIRL                                                              Featured Dancer           Dir. Lance McDaniel

Frankie and the Pirate                                      Featured Dancer           Dir. Gage R. Beavers




J French - "Medicine Ball"                                  Featured Dancer           Dir. Bre Black

Nicole Alyse - "Hit Da Spot"                              Featured Dancer            Dir. Jason Lemon

Jordan Miller - "Play That Funky Music"             Featured Dancer            Dir. Joel Stumblingbear


Acting: Norman Actor Factory, Improv, On Camera & Auditioning technique

Misfit Dance Camp 2016 (Dallas, TX)


Monday Night Sessions: Elite Training Program                                     Instructor

Rollingwood Elementary School Dance Program                                     Instructor

Project Elevate                                                                             Creative Director

International Dance Studio                                                                   Instructor

2016 Men of Race Hip Hop Auditions                                                    Instructor

Race the Space 2016 hosted by UCO's Race Dance Company                Instructor

Studio 5678 Beyonce "Fresher Than You" Competitive Team             Choreographer

Studio 5678 "Grease" Competitive Team                                          Choreographer

Studio 5678 "Do My Step" Competitive Team                                   Choreographer

Organized Khaos Summer Intensive 2015 (Workshop)                           Instructor

Grace Dance Center Hip Hop Competitive Team                              Choreographer

2015 Junior & Teen RACE Hip Hop Auditions                                         Instructor

"Workshop with Cookies" featured Paul Ross                                         Instructor

Workshop Series: Takeover Part 1 & 2                                                    Instructor

H.Y.P.E Europe Tour (Germany, Paris, Amsterdam) Workshop                  Instructor